Sports Massage

The treatment objective of sports massage therapy is to promote the physical, psychological and physiological wellbeing of the client.

This sounds complex, but actually it is quite simple! Having tightness or pain in a muscle can be frustrating and annoying whether you are an elite athlete or a sedentary desk worker. Massage relieves the muscle tension (physical), reducing the pain and relaxing the muscle (physiological), which in turn creates a positive mental state of mind for the client (psychological).



Who benefits from Sports Massage Therapy?

The answer to this is simple ... everyone can potentially benefit from sports massage. You don’t have to be an Olympic rower or a Premiership footballer to benefit. Day-to-day activities can create issues that can be as debilitating or frustrating as a sporting injury.



The list of conditions that can be eased by sports massage therapy is long, but here are a few;

rehabilitation from a trauma injury, muscle strains, repetitive strain injury, postural issues, shoulder and neck tension from working conditions, stress, overuse, lower back pain, frozen shoulder and tennis/golfers elbow.


Sports specific massage is also available; pre and post event.


What is Sports Massage Therapy?


It is a combination of general massage and deep tissue techniques that manipulate the soft tissues of the body. Soft tissue includes muscles, ligaments, tendons and skin. Sports massage aims to assist in correcting imbalances and problems in soft tissue, caused by trauma, repetitive use or strenuous physical activity.




Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy provided by Tone4Fitness

  • Encourages the healing process, reducing recovery time
  • Allows the client to regain performance and health
  • Prevents future injuries by recognising and treating imbalances and weaknesses
  • Relieves tension and tightness
  • Clears toxins and waste post exercise, reducing stiffness
  • Increases performance capabilities, prepares the muscle for exercise
  • Relieves stress, promotes relaxation and wellbeing
  • Improves posture, flexibility
  • Improves circulation and lymphatic drainage


Nice video explaining what Sports Massage is, when it can be used & its benefits




Last Updated: Friday, 05-Sep-2014