Nutritional Advice

There is so much confusion and contradiction about nutrition out there today; how do you know what really works and what is myth? What we do at Tone4fitness is take away all the fluffy information and media hype and let you into a secret, that there is the right nutritional information out there that really works and can transform your body in no time.


Keri can determine and fine tune your dietary needs in order to work towards whatever goal you have. We know what we tell our clients is cutting edge nutrition tailored to you and your dietary needs. We draw from all the latest scientific research, and we couple this with lifestyle modifications to ensure we can guide our clients through to their goals, delivering results that are noticeable in as little as two weeks.

Tone4fitness  innovative approach and devotion to pursuing real nutrition that is credible is why we get results, we don’t follow fad diets or fashionable trends in the world of nutrition. We communicate real nutrition which gets real results; we understand the most difficult aspect of any nutrition & lifestyle modification process is when and how to apply changes. This is why we are always on hand to coach you through any sticking points or difficulties you may face on your journey.



It's a rather long video, but the bases for the more resent BBC series the 'Men That Make us Fat'
To cut to the punch, think more about sugar than fat!




Last Updated: Friday, 05-Sep-2014