Gym Training

Time to get serious

I love working out in the gym, it's helped me burn of the excess body fat I did not want, gain the muscle defination & strength I needed for the sports I love.

I'd done loads of cardio vascular exercise, but was not getting the results I wanted.

But technique is key & a progressive program is esential, which is where I come in. I'll ensure you are doing the right exercises, with the correct technique, so you don't damage yourself in the process & achieve your goals.

All too often you see people working out in the gym, doing the right exercises, but with terrible technique. There is a high likelyhood they are going to hurt themselves & for sure, they are not going to get the results they desire. They need a Personal Trainer.

I'll help you measure your progress, so you can see it working, keep it fun, interesting & you'll be learning along the way to.

Adding a Personal Trainer to your workout
is a game-changer.

The motivation, expert advice and encouragement I provide is often the reason you not only achieve, but exceed your goals.

Book a session with me & see the light.


This is a great little video, it's just as true for the boys as it is for the girls.


Last Updated: Friday, 05-Sep-2014